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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Since nothing is easy with popcorn ceiling removal, Stouffville residents should entrust this job to our company. We are experienced in removing textured ceilings. And we are well aware that some old popcorn ceilings are not safe either. And so, our team is fully prepared for such jobs. The pros assigned to such jobs are dressed as required and prep the room as demanded, use appropriate tools, clean the area, and finish as requested. For expert and safe work, Stouffville Painters is your trusted team.

The experts in popcorn ceiling removal in Stouffville

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Stouffville

Now that you have learned that our team is available for popcorn ceiling removal in Stouffville, Ontario, let’s talk more about the actual job. First of all, you may be wondering if it’s worth it. Right? Some people don’t mind the looks of such acoustic ceilings. They were once chosen to block sound and decorate, but some of them contain elements that may do harm, like lead and asbestos. Since these are harmful to health, removing popcorn ceiling and refinishing is often a must.

You may also wonder how much it will cost to remove popcorn ceiling. Let us assure you that the rates are affordable. You don’t have to pay a small fortune for the job. Naturally, you are informed about the cost and all things related to the service from the very beginning. Once you get in touch with us to show some interest in such a job, we talk all things through. Should we do that now? We assure you that you get a free estimate and have no obligation.

The pros prep the room before they remove popcorn ceilings

Popcorn ceiling removal is scheduled when it’s suitable for you. Although we walk you through the process, as explained above, let us assure you that the pros cover the room well to minimize dust spread. Such texturized ceilings are not always easy to remove. And when this is done, the dust particles fill the space. If the ceiling contains harmful elements, it won’t be safe – hence, the proper uniforms, equipment, and room preparation. Once the popcorn ceiling is gone and the filth is also removed from the room, the painters finish the substrate as agreed from the start.

Once the pros remove the popcorn ceiling, they finish the substrate

Most substrates have some flaws. But you shouldn’t worry about that because the painters address all imperfections before they prime and paint the ceiling. With a flat ceiling and the popcorn design gone, your environment becomes healthy and the interior is modernized. As we first said, the important thing is to make sure the popcorn texture is removed correctly and the room is prepped as required for the avoidance of additional problems and hassle. For this reason alone, we are the company to choose. Contact us to learn more, get a quotation, learn the process, and overall get answers to your questions. If you live in Stouffville, popcorn ceiling removal experts are only a message or call away.