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Crown Molding & Trim Painting

In search of specialists in crown molding and trim painting in Stouffville, Ontario, aren’t you? If that’s what you want, make contact with our painting team. Isn’t it nice to know that such a significant job is carried out by experienced painters? Don’t you also need to know the cost of the service without being charged? Stouffville Painters is fully prepared to serve.

Let’s talk about the trims at your place. Since you seek experts in trim and crown molding painting in Stouffville, we assume that you want the interior home trims refreshed. But architectural details often decorate house exteriors too. If you want these ones painted, don’t hesitate to tell us. With the best in Stouffville painters in your corner, worry about nothing, and feel free to ask us for any service you may want.

Trim painting & crown molding painting services in Stouffville

Crown Molding & Trim Painting Stouffville

With crown molding and trim painting Stouffville experts on the job, all these baseboards, picture rails, and casings in your home interior will soon look entirely different. If it’s been a while since they were lasted painted – or haven’t painted ever, they are likely dirty, damaged, and dated. Time to change all that.

In our company, we have experience with trimwork. The trim material doesn’t make a difference. Are we talking about wooden trims? Millwork can be stained or painted. In any case, the small and big imperfections are fixed. The trims are prepped as required – based on their material, and are finished. All trims in your house can be painted. Same thing when it comes to crown molding and the various profiles. Whether this is a rather plain profile or a heavily ornamental dentil crown molding, it’s properly prepped and painted. Don’t worry about a thing. Just tell us the trim painting service you are considering booking and be sure that we cover all needs.

  •          Baseboard painting
  •          Picture/chair rail painting
  •          Wainscoting painting
  •          Window/door casings painting
  •          Crown molding painting
  •          Door frame painting
  •          Ceiling & wall trims painting

Naturally, you can have some or all trims painted. You can also combine jobs, like having the kitchen cabinets painted along with the crown over them and the kitchen door. Or, you may want only the crown moldings and baseboards painted. Or, just the casings and doors painted.

Want all trims painted? Baseboard & crown molding painting?

Let’s talk specifics about your project. Allow us to send a painting contractor to your home to see which trims must be painted, make a note of the crown’s profile, check their condition, offer an estimate, and talk colors with you. Do you want the trims painted white? Would you prefer a different color to help these architectural details stand out and make a statement? Want to talk about an interior wall and trim painting service?

If it’s time to get the needed information on the table so that you will decide what to do, let’s do that. Contact us. The best in Stouffville crown molding and trim painting team is at your service.